Dot and Bracket Notation in ES6

const person = {
firstName: 'foo',
'lastName': 'baz' };
const x = 'firstName';
const y = 'lastName';

The two most common ways to access properties in JavaScript are with a dot and with square brackets. Both value.x and value[x] access a property on value — but not necessarily the same property. The difference is in how x is interpreted. When using a dot, the part after the dot must be a valid variable name, and it directly names the property. When using square brackets, the expression between the brackets is evaluated to get the property name. Whereas value.x fetches the property of value named “x”, value[x] tries to evaluate the expression x and uses the result as the property name.”⁴

let person = {
'first name': 'foo',
'last-name': 'baz',
2: 'baz'
for (let key in person) {
if (person.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
console.log(person.key); // expected output: undefined
console.log(person[key]); // expected output: 'foo' then 'baz'
class Vehicle {
constructor(arr) {
this.wheelTotal = arr[0];
this.energySource = arr[1];
this.manufacturer = arr[2];
if (arr[3] === undefined) this.isOn = false;
getSpec(spec) {
if (spec === 'getSpec') return undefined
return this[spec]




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